Working at LHS


Lallemand Health Solutions is dedicated to the selection, development, production and marketing of probiotic formulations for health solutions business worldwide. Exploring new areas of probiotic applications, Lallemand Health Solutions is offering a full line of ready-to-market formula from the lab to the shelf.

Lallemand Health Solutions is creating many new permanent jobs in order to meet the needs of customers from all around the world. Its mission is to maintain a pleasant work environment while providing good working conditions for all its employees.
We are continuously seeking for dynamic and enthusiastic employees to join our team.

Lallemand Health Solutions seeks candidates who demonstrate professionalism, discipline at work and who are involved and take responsibility for their work. In addition, we seek candidates who have at heart the quality of customer service and products.

Succession planning

In a world of microorganisms, candidates who hold a diploma and/or work experience in microbiology or science have a valuable asset for a career within Lallemand Health Solutions.

New graduates

Lallemand Health Solutions also encourages graduates who start their career in the biotechnology field to join the Lallemand Health Solutions team. The employment policy of Lallemand Inc. has established a training program which allows integration of people who have little experience in their field of study, by matching them with others employees who detains expertise in their field.


Students are invited to apply as trainees in their field of study. Every year, Lallemand Health Solutions offers internships for students in different fields such as laboratory, research and development, production but also marketing departments. At the end of their training, graduates may be offered a permanent job.

Part time jobs can be provided for students in order to enable them to combine work and studies while gaining experience on the market. The jobs offered are in the laboratory and production areas.

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