Our company


2014 marked the eightieth anniversary of Institut Rosell, a pioneer in probiotics research and application at the origin of the Human Nutrition and Health Division of the Lallemand group: Lallemand Health Solutions.

If history has proven true our founders’ vision that probiotics hold a great potential for human wellbeing and health, was quite accurate. Fast forwarding to present day, and our goal is to look at the future of probiotics, to better understand their modes of action and potential benefits in emerging health areas.

Lallemand Health Solutions, recognized also as LHS, offers a full line of ready-to-market probiotic formulas such as Lacidofil®, Probiokid®, Probio’Stick®, Protecflor®, and can also design, develop and produce custom formulations based on the documented Rosell, Harmonium, or Lafti® strains. Additionnaly, LHS is one of the few probiotic manufacturers that produce S. boulardii, which can be offered on its own or custom blended within formulations from our diverse probiotic cultures collection.

From lab to shelf, Lallemand Health Solutions controls the overall manufacturing process of its products. Our probiotic strains and formulas are produced in-house in one of our many available bacteria production facilities at LHS to ensure customers are receiving the highest quality standard of probiotic formulations.

Thanks to our fully integrated offer, Lallemand Health Solutions is a unique probiotic player in the global area that can provide its customers and partners solutions from fermentation and lyophilization all the way to finished product capabilities; a complete one stop shop probiotic solutions provider.

This commemorative anniversary was a perfect opportunity to thank our trusted partners who have contributed to our success and development over the past 80 years – we hope to open the way to new partnerships and continue upon our history of tomorrow, together!

Words of wisdom we stand by; “Cooperation spells Success