lallemandLallemand Inc., the parent company of Lallemand Health Solution, is a private Canadian enterprise involved in the development, production and marketing of yeasts, bacteria and other ingredients related to these microorganisms or their markets.


Lallemand Health Solutions consolidates the internationally recognized probiotic manufacturers Institut Rosell and Harmonium International. Collectively they possess close to a century of probiotic expertise in the selection, development, production and marketing of probiotic strains, and formulations that support human health and well-being.

Hommes au labo-Rosell 2Institut Rosell Inc. was founded by microbiologists Dr Rosell and Dr Edouard Brochu in 1934 in Montreal and stands as a pioneer of probiotics development in North America. The institut was acquired by the Lallemand group in 1998. Since then, with intensive research programs and a solid international partnership network with renowned research institutes, hospitals and universities, the company has always pursued its founders’ mission to document and demonstrate the benefits of probiotics on health and well-being.

Harmonium International Inc. was created in 1998 in Montreal and incorporated into Lallemand in 2011. Harmonium International’s mission remains simple to this day: apply our know-how into producing unmatched quality probiotic micro-organisms, add a good portion of great customer service, personally educate and train our business partners on the health benefits of good bacteria, and formulate the best probiotic complexes to meet our clients’ needs. These longstanding ingredients have become the formula for Harmonium’s success, credibility and a reference to high quality probiotics.