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Custom-made probiotic formulations to fulfill the customers expectations

Different needs for different customers

In order to better support the marketing efforts of its business partners, Lallemand Health Solutions has always focused on the development of custom made formulations. While we do understand the need to be creative in the development of new and original probiotic blends for our customers, potency and efficacy have always remained the key factors to be considered in the context of new product development.

Complex formulas for complex needs

Thanks to Lallemand Health Solutions’ expertise on its proprietary probiotic strains, we can help health products formulators and manufacturers to formulate quality probiotics with selection of specific probiotic strains, appropriate concentration of live microorganisms, and the use of proper excipients.

We offer:

  •  the best choice of strains and ingredients
  •  the compatibility of our strains with other ingredients
  •  the concentration of our strains and their stability
  •  the best storage conditions
  •  the recommended packaging: bulk powder, capsules, sachets, sticks, enteric coated capsules, chewable tablets