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Trends report 2024 – Elevating Wellness with Microbiome Innovations


As the self-care movement propels consumers toward proactive health choices, the quest for holistic well-being will be stimulated by innovations in the microbiome space. The microbiome, and especially the gut microbiome, is now established by scientific communities and consumers as an organ that can potentially have a direct impact on overall health and on specific health conditions, and new areas are constantly being explored. In the past 10 years, the number of publications on the microbiome was multiplied by over 50 times, growing from under 400 publications in 2013 to over 25 000 in 2023 (1). The next few years will be pivotal for the biotics future. With its ambitious research program, discover Lallemand Health Solutions actions, aiming to go one step further in the exploration of the microbiome to improve human’s health.


With at least 70% of human gut microbiome species being uncharacterized, it is crucial to participate to initiatives allowing to better understand the gut microbiome. In the quest to understanding the microbiome and its role on human health, Lallemand Health Solutions has joined the French Gut project. The French Gut project is a research endeavor initiated by INRAe-MetaGenoPolis, together with a consortium of public and private partners in the field of microbiota. This project aims to collect 100,000 French intestinal metagenomes and their associated nutritional and clinical data in health for analysis purposes, and to deepen knowledge of the links between microbiota, diet, and lifestyle. 69% of consumers who have heard of the gut microbiome state they are aware of its impact on overall health (2).

“Describing and understanding the key role microorganisms play for human health is in Lallemand Health Solutions’ DNA. The French Gut project will open a huge field of exploration of the potential of the microbiota to help international research on new health solutions. ” Sylvie Binda, Vice-President, Research and Development, Lallemand Health Solutions.

In the exploration of the impact of a probiotic on human health, while previous clinical studies focused on the clinical effects of probiotics, new omics technologies now allow to explore the impact of a probiotic supplementation on gut microbiota composition. To this end, Lallemand Health Solutions now integrates fecal sampling in every clinical studies. However, it is important to bear in mind that fecal microbiota is considered to be a proxy of the intestinal microbiome, and is not fully representative of the microbiota found at different levels of the intestinal tract. Therefore, innovative techniques are explored to sample the gut microbiome directly in the small intestine in a noninvasive way. Partnering with Nimble Science, Lallemand Health Solutions uses the Small Intestine Microbiome Aspiration (SIMBA) capsule in its clinical studies. The SIMBA capsule autonomously transits the gastrointestinal tract via pH control and collects, seals, and preserves a fluid biopsy for further analysis when retrieved.


New avenues are constantly being explored also in the type of ‘biotics’ being studied and produced. Postbiotics are getting a lot of attention on the market, and were ranked as the fourth hottest ingredient in 2023 (3), after prebiotics, probiotics and ashwagandha. Experts predict that postbiotics will carry on growing in popularity within consumers.

Postbiotics by Lallemand Health Solutions are generated by heat inactivation of probiotics, and this process maintains bacteria cells integrity. Because they are inactivated, they are valuable ingredients for their safety, stability, and compatibility with many ingredients: the use of postbiotics for future clinical applications holds a great potential due to their versatility.

The emerging “biotics” revolution resides in exploring the next-generation of probiotics and live biotherapeutics products. Emerging evidence and in-depth understanding of the microbiome have allowed the identification of beneficial commensal bacteria, termed as next-generation probiotics (NGPs). Some of these specific commensal strains have been positively correlated with human health. Furthermore, several recent regulatory approvals are paving the way for next-generation microbiome strains as potential drugs to improve well-being in various health areas. These NGPs may be very challenging to produce due to their metabolism, oxygen sensitivity and vulnerability to several mechanic stressors. With an integrated research platform from in vitro and in vivo models to clinical studies, Lallemand Health Solutions Microbiome program is dedicated to developing next-generation probiotics.

“Our development pipeline includes new aerobic and anaerobic microorganisms and runs currently over 25+ clinical trials, including 2 500 participants worldwide,” Sylvie Binda, Vice-President, Research and Development, Lallemand Health Solutions.


Leveraging the growing interest for the microbiome, many companies are developing their “biotic” offer, but this raises a specific challenge: the lack or bioproduction capacities and expertise (4). This makes it difficult for start-ups to find a contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) with production capacities, compliant to regulations and good manufacturing practices. It is even more true when speaking of live biotherapeutics and anaerobe strains. Lallemand Health Solutions is strengthening its CDMO activity, with the launch of Expert’BiomeTM CDMO by Lallemand, leveraging 90 years of know-how, from research and development to pilot-scale production and commercial manufacturing for microorganisms, using cutting-edge technologies and innovative scientific approaches to pioneer next-generation strains. Its manufacturing facilities adhere to the highest quality standards, including GMP Pharma for investigational and commercial biological products, internationally recognized accreditations, and licenses.

“Major investments of several million euros are planned over the coming years to continue increasing our production capacities, developing our expertise and consolidating our expansion in a growing market.” Stephan Griffoulière, Vice-President Operational Excellence, Lallemand Health Solutions.

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Published Jan 24, 2024 | Updated Mar 25, 2024

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