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Taking Small Steps Towards Big Successes

Taking Small Steps Towards Big Successes

My name is Morgane Maillard, food engineer and science-driven marketing specialist. I joined Lallemand Health Solutions 15 years ago, and since then I have deepened my knowledge and insights on the probiotic market evolution – which brought me to now occupy the marketing
innovation manager seat. I spend most of my days searching for innovative probiotic applications, compatible ingredients or technologies, startups and possible acquisitions. And while I won’t disclose all my secrets about what the future holds, I can tell you this much: consumer behavior
is at the center of our decisions. And with the new generation being very demanding, we keep that in mind before moving forward. This is a positive aspect as it encourages companies, like us, to improve corporate social and environmentally sustainable strategies, ensuring business continuity.

Gen Z show a strong preference for brands that align with their own beliefs

Consumers take pride in participating in sustainable development and this can be expressed in the responsible purchases they make, showing a strong preference for brands that align with their own beliefs. As such, the role consumers play influences the dietary and health supplement industry. With an insatiable curiosity, Gen Z seek authentic reviews and brand transparency – factors that influence their purchasing decisions. They are interested in all aspects of a product (environmental and social) from the ingredients (origin, quality), to the packaging (recyclable, postconsumer recycled, etc.) to the quality of life of people associated with producing the products. Consumers are not fools and so companies should avoid “green-washing” claims. Only a genuine and tangible corporate social responsibility strategy will serve brands. Business sustainability and corporate social responsibility will remain at the heart of consumers’ preoccupations as much as product ingredients.

Participating in the good health and well-being of the global population, without compromise

Lallemand Health Solutions is dedicated to the development, production and marketing of probiotic formulations for human health and nutrition. Our aim is to participate in the good health and well-being of the global population by providing quality-based and scientifically proven probiotic solutions. We believe we can achieve this goal, through ensuring in parallel responsible production at our several
manufacturing sites, a supportive and safe working environment for our employees, and a collaborative and innovative research platform, providing high-quality and conscious solutions to consumers, from the ingredients to the finished products. We are fortunate to be able to work with microorganisms that have a very high potential at both the application and sustainable level. Microbes know no borders and can adapt, survive and thrive in extreme and constantly changing environments.

Published Feb 6, 2023 | Updated Mar 5, 2024

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