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The Future Is in The Format

The Future Is in The Format

No matter how well-performing your probiotic supplement is, the pill-fatigue phenomenon is gaining ground. Sure, capsules are still the leading format, but for how long? We believe the future is in innovative dosages forms.

An innovative format combining powder and oil

To build on what was explained in our previous article, combination of ingredients in all-in-one capsules is trendy not only for the health benefits, but to minimize the number of pills taken. As such, innovative format that combine powder and oil, two ingredient types normally incompatible, in a dual-chamber capsule, are sure to make a hit on the market. Namely, Lallemand Health solutions offers the future of probiotics with ComboCap®’Biotics, the world’s first dual-chamber, wet-and-dry capsule. ComboCap®’Biotics is an innovative visually appealing capsule that allows to combine an oil and a probiotic powder within one single capsule. Thanks to the ComboCap® patented technology, the oil and the probiotic powder are completely separated from each other through a sealed membrane. This represents a unique solution to combine probiotics with historically incompatible ingredients without further processing, to retain their identity and efficacy for an unlimited range of probiotic possibilities.

Consumers are ready to invest for this kind of premium product, made with convenience in mind. And as convenience often rimes with compliance, it’s a win-win proposition.

 The market has spoken

Consumers are looking for user-friendly galenic formats such as chewable tablets, lozenges, gummies, or on-the-go orodispersible sticks. These convenient sticks formats follow people in their busy life, by being slipped in a purse or gym bag as they can be taken on the go, without water. However, flavors should not be overlooked, as 63.1% of global supplements users state supplements could be improved by having better flavors. Lallemand Health Solutions has developed several orodispersible powder solutions, all of which being available in many different natural fruity flavors, based on customer’s taste, in a range of health applications.


Published Jan 13, 2022 | Updated Mar 7, 2024

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