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The Holy Yeast

The Holy Yeast

The all-natural microorganism yeast is an essential ingredient in our day-to-day life, whether in baking, brewing, oenology, specialty foods or as probiotic supplements. S. boulardii, a specific and unique yeast, is the most widely studied and used probiotic yeast for its gut health benefits, since nearly a century. But why are we listing it as a trend to watch for 2022?

The ascension of the clean-label trend

The clean-label trend is increasingly popular as it explicitly means for the consumers that the brand has an open and transparent communication, with nothing to hide, from ingredient sourcing to the fabrication up to distribution. In fact, 51% of Millennials and 41% of GenX mostly look for healthy food options while shopping for food and supplements. Clean-label also suggests appealing claims such as “pure” and “free-from” and plant-based product are natural, hence perceived as healthier and better for the environment. For North American consumers, a natural product is associated with the following declaration: no artificial ingredients, no additives, no preservatives, locally and minimally processed. Furthermore, 63% of these consumers declare it is important for food and drink products to be 100% natural. Such claim on a product is associated with benefits “better for me” and “healthy” (FMCG – clean-label and naturalness 2020).

The relevance of S. boulardii for the current market

With that in mind, the probiotic yeast S. boulardii from Lallemand ticks all the boxes to please an impressive part of the market. Lallemand Health Solutions has developed a specific know-how to formulate S. boulardii in various ways as a single active ingredient, a pure yeast of natural origin, without added excipients for an effective daily product for gut health. It can also be combined with prebiotic fibers for enhanced microflora balance. Further 100% yeast-based products such as S. boulardii with inactivated yeast enriched in vitamin D or beta-glucan yeast cell wall, can be leveraged for immune health benefits, offering consumers their full potential. Finally, to harness the best of both worlds, S. boulardii can be combined with documented probiotic bacteria for further health benefits, for instance with inactivated yeast enriched in zinc, for skin health. S. boulardii by Lallemand is definitely a time-tested yeast culture mastered and perfected from lab to shelf… And to be clear, old doesn’t mean outdated in this case.

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Published Jan 9, 2022 | Updated Mar 7, 2024

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