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What is the Pulse of the Probiotic Market?

What is the Pulse of the Probiotic Market?

My name is Isabelle Champié, vice-president sales and marketing, microbiology enthusiastic and a
member of the board of directors of the International Probiotic Association (IPA). With nearly 15 years
of experience at Lallemand Health Solutions and 25 years within the field of health care, I continue to
marvel at our dynamic industry. I am pleased to report that the scientific sphere continues to be very
keen in studying the benefits of our probiotic strains and the valuable role the microbiome plays in
maintaining overall health. The future is bright for the global probiotic market, and many amazing discoveries await. My team and I are eager to share some of our thoughts about the latest trends that will
emerge in the year ahead.

Consumer’s switch from in-store to online shopping

According to a recent Euromonitor analysis mandated by the IPA, the global probiotic supplement market was evaluated at 6.970 million USD in 2021 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.7% between 2021 and 2026. E-commerce sales for probiotic supplements were
estimated to have reached 1.681 million USD in 2021, according to Lumina Intelligence. It’s likely that the switch from in-store to online shopping may have a lasting impact, as most consumers have now adopted e-commerce.

Studies in health areas that resonate with global market demand

With over 900 clinical studies registered in the past 3 years, including 180 listed clinical papers in 2022, the interest in measuring probiotic effects and understanding the role of the gut microbiome is stronger than ever, and many potential applications are coming forward. Gut health, immune health and
women’s health combined make up the largest number of studies and are areas that also resonate with global market demand. Continuous research in mental health, now considered a mainstream application, and the development of niche indications such as skin health, oral health and metabolic health is also progressing.

Consumers are focused on staying healthy through sustainable solutions

Based on my experience, the trends that will be driving the market in 2023 are geared toward the proactivity of consumers as they strive to keep in the best possible shape, inside and out. Consumers are increasingly focused on staying healthy and adopting products that will help them achieve overall
well-being goals, while opting for natural and globally sustainable health solutions. Consumers’ increasing awareness of their nutritional choices will shift habits toward a healthier lifestyle and responsible purchasing. Consumers are globally more educated and have a better understanding of how
dietary and food supplements are a natural way to participate to their overall well-being. This knowledge
influences the way brands can address them. Probiotics offer many opportunities in line with consumer expectations.


Reference: Market Data FMCG Guru – The Evolution of E-Commerce in 2022.

Published Jan 1, 2023 | Updated Mar 5, 2024

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