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Why Combine Probiotics with Botanical Extracts to Target Mental Wellness?

Why Combine Probiotics with Botanical Extracts to Target Mental Wellness?

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), stress is a common health issue across the globe. In the last two years, this health concern has been exacerbated as people worldwide are struggling to cope with the disruptions that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused, and half of people state they experience stress most of the time or all the time.

Consequently, an increased number of consumers are proactively seeking natural solutions, such as dietary supplements and botanical extracts, to manage their stress and enhance their moods. Turning to natural health solutions is rooted in traditional methods to maintain holistic health. With time and research, scientists came to harness microorganisms and plants benefits leading more precisely to proven health applications. An increasing proportion of global consumers buy probiotic products in complement to a well-balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle to support mental health.

Carefully Selected Botanical Extracts to Alleviate Symptoms of Stress and Boost Mood

Modern science allows to skillfully isolate specific bioactive compounds and precisely study which botanical extract will impact which specific health concern. For example, ashwagandha traditionally used in Indian, or Ayurvedic, medicine, is well known for its stress-lowering effects. It helps decrease levels of cortisol; a hormone produced by the adrenal glands in response to stress.

Saffron was conventionally used to bring joy and happiness. Thanks to an isolate from saffron, safranal, involved in serotonin amplification, Safr’Inside™, an Active’Inside product, naturally supports positive mood and emotional health.

Botanical Extract and Probiotics: The Perfect Mix

When comes the time to deal with the physical and psychological symptoms of everyday stress and feelings of anxiety, one natural solution stands out from the crowd and it’s the probiotic formula Cerebiome® (L. helveticus Rosell®-52 and B. longum Rosell®-175). Cerebiome® has been largely documented on the reduction of psychological stress in humans by five clinical studies and over ten translational studies.

And now, it is possible to combine the best of both worlds. Cerebiome® and Safr’Inside™ is a unique, documented, and powerful combination for mental wellness and emotional balance.

In a consumer satisfaction trial, 96% of consumer’s reported a reduction on daily stress, and more than 80% were satisfied by the product effectiveness (Lallemand Health Solutions and Activ’Inside proprietary study).

A Unique Formulation’s Expertise

Probiotic industrial production requires a precise expertise in the fermentation of living microorganisms. When adding botanical extracts in the mix, the level of complexity amplifies. New ingredients must follow a strict validation process to ensure product compatibility, stability, and shelf-life longevity. Formulations represent a real production challenge as microorganisms have complex nutritional needs and marked sensitivities at certain key stages of bioproduction. Lallemand Health Solutions cumulates over 85 years of microbial fermentation production know-how to successfully combine probiotics and other health ingredients, such as botanical extracts, prebiotics, bacteria, yeast, vitamins, and minerals. Ingredient synergistic effect in support to mental health is a trend to watch.

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Published Feb 22, 2022 | Updated Mar 7, 2024

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