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Lallemand Health Solutions close a major licensing deal with Proge Farm®

Lallemand Health Solutions close a major licensing deal with Proge Farm®

Lallemand Health Solutions and Proge Farm® are proud to announce that they have just closed a major licensing deal for the commercialization by Lallemand Health Solutions of Proge Farm®’s established probiotic strain L. plantarum P17630 (Proge P17630®), which has specific women health benefits.

“Proge Farm® highly documented probiotic strain L. plantarum P17630 (Proge P17630®), is a valuable new asset in Lallemand Health Solution’s Women’s health probiotic range.  Women’s health is gaining more importance in the probiotics market as consumers are increasingly looking for natural ways to take care of their intimate health. Furthermore, with this specific strain, it will be even easier to do so with one daily dose taken orally” declares Isabelle Champié, vice-president sales and marketing at Lallemand Health Solutions.

“We are proud of this significant licensing commercialization agreement with Lallemand Health Solutions, a worldwide renowned key player in the probiotics industry. They will have the ability to broadly disseminate our strain L. plantarum P17630 (Proge P17630®); meaning more women will benefit from its compelling effects” affirms Giancarla Dondi, owner and chief executive officer at Proge Farm®.

Probiotics for women’s health is a fast growing niche as probiotics are seen as a natural alternative to the conventional solutions and women are willing to try them out especially when hit by reoccurring pains and infections, such as those associated with vaginal health (Lumina Intelligence).

“Once again, we have a demonstration that cooperation spells success. Within our teams as well as with our partners and customers, we achieve more together. Through our research and development, our innovation, our technical and manufacturing expertise, our commitment to quality, our ethics and passion, we keep enhancing lives in countless ways with probiotics.” concludes Isabelle Champié.

The licensing commercialization agreement includes the following territories: Asia, Americas, France and Czech Republic.

Lallemand Health Solutions will launch this new offer in September at the Vitafoods Virtual Expo (September 7-11, 2020). Stay tuned for more details!


About L. plantarum P17630 (Proge P17630®)

L. plantarum P17630 (Proge P17630®), is a unique strain isolated from a healthy vaginal flora with full mechanistic and clinical evidence of efficacy to support and maintain an equilibrium of a normal vaginal microflora, when taken orally (5B CFU / day), in women prone to experience temporary imbalances in their vaginal microflora. This probiotic strain is one of the most documented in the world in the women’s health area, as it has been studied in over 800 women, in six clinical studies, including two by oral intake.

This strain has a wide spectrum of benefits to vaginal health, from helping maintain proper vaginal balance to being used in combination with conventional treatments for candidiasis (anti-fungal).  As a result, women saw an improvement in candidiasis with a decrease in symptoms including less swelling, redness, burning or itching. This probiotic strain can also help reduce the risk of recurrence of this candidiasis.

Oral formulation is now licensed to Lallemand Health Solutions but Proge Farm® also proposes L. plantarum P17630 (Proge P17630®) as active ingredient of a medicine for vaginal use in softgel capsules.

About Recurrent Vulvovaginal Candidiasis

  • Recurrent Vulvovaginal Candidiasis (RVVC) is a Candida albicans infection, more commonly called vaginal yeast infection.
  • 70% to 75% of women will have at least one episode in their life: this means a global annual prevalence of 3 871 per 100 000 women or 138 million women annually
  • By 2030, an estimated 20 million more women will have at least one episode bringing the total to 158 million women annually
  • 40% to 45% of women will have two or more episodes in one year.
  • 5% to 8% of women will have recurrent infections (more than four in one year).
  • 90% of these vaginal yeast infection infections are caused by albicans

About Proge Farm®: From laboratory to market

Founded in Italy in 1992, Proge Farm® develops, produces, registers and put on the markets, either directly or through licensees, its documented products based on selected probiotic strains for specific therapeutic areas: gastrointestinal, gynecological and dermatological. Those products are classified as medicine, medical devices and food supplements, marketed by Proge Farm®’s sales force directly or by reliable licensees. The constant commitment to research and innovation is one of Proge Farm® strength, confirmed by scientific collaborations with leading universities and by the international certifications of its research laboratory, the site of production and the company’s quality system. Since 2010, Proge Farm® produces its bacterial strains in its GMP manufacturing plant.

Published Jul 16, 2020 | Updated Jan 11, 2024