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Lallemand Health Solutions supports the innovative French Gut Project to accelerate microbiota science

Lallemand Health Solutions supports the innovative French Gut Project to accelerate microbiota science

Lallemand Health Solutions is joining forces with the French Gut Project, which aims to collect 100,000 French intestinal metagenomes for analysis, and the associated nutritional and clinical data, to accelerate microbiota science and innovation in health and nutrition.

This ambitious research project is an initiative of the INRAE ​​MetaGenoPolis (MGP) unit based in Ile-de-France, and is supported by INRAE, the National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food and the Environment, in close association with the AP-HP[1] and with the support of a consortium of public and private partners, actors in the field of microbiota, in the medical, scientific and industrial fields. The French Gut is part of a vast international project, the “Million Microbiome of Humans Project” (MMHP) which brings together several research institutes around the world to constitute the largest global database of human microbiota with a million of samples.

“Describing and understanding the key role microorganisms play for human health is at the heart of Lallemand Health Solutions’ DNA. On this ground we joined this ambitious project to map the intestinal microbiota of French people. This new “encyclopaedia” will open up a huge field of exploration of the potential of the microbiota to help international research on new health solutions”, describes Sylvie Binda, Vice President, Research and Development at Lallemand Health Solutions.

“The French Gut is a national contribution on the microbiota with the ambition of mapping and understanding the heterogeneity of the composition of the intestinal microbiota in healthy people, the factors that impact them, as well as their deviations in chronic diseases. By 2027, the stools of 100,000 volunteers as well as the associated nutritional and clinical data will be collected to deepen knowledge of the links between microbiota, diet, and lifestyle. The French Gut will make it possible, from the scientific knowledge generated, to move towards personalized preventive nutrition. It will also pave the way for innovative diagnostics and therapies, particularly in the context of chronic diseases which have been increasing steadily and uncontrollably for three generations. It will also raise awareness among the public, adults, and children, about the microbiota and its link with health and food,” explains Joël Doré, INRAE ​​Research Director and Scientific Director of MetaGenoPolis-INRAE.


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[1] Assistance Publique - Hôpitaux de Paris (AP-HP) is a university hospital center (CHU) in Ile-de-France. Its 38 hospitals receive 8.3 million patients each year.

Published Sep 14, 2022 | Updated Jan 11, 2024