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Lallemand innovative probiotic yeast solutions

Lallemand innovative probiotic yeast solutions

As an expert in yeast fermentation and production since 1923, Lallemand presents a wide range of innovative probiotic yeast solutions. Rediscover S. boulardii, a time tested yeast mastered and perfected from lab to shelf through a new website and instructive video.


Pioneer in formulating probiotic solutions, Lallemand Health Solutions launches a new informative hub and brief punchy video, regrouping scientific evidence on the power of its yeast Saccharomyces boulardii CNCM I-1079, highlighting the efficiency of this most renowned probiotic yeast, and the unmatched range of delivery formats meeting market demands such as excipient free, clean-label S. boulardii capsules and flavored orodispersible powders.

After 100 years of yeast production, we have developed an expertise and a strong know-how, using state-of-the art manufacturing process and creating a large offer of innovative solutions, which we wanted to showcase by launching this comprehensive website and new motion animated video to show the process,” notes Romane Maillet, Product Manager at Lallemand Health Solutions.

PURE and INSIDE: S. boulardii-based solutions offer

Through the management of the entire value chain, starting with research and development, yeast fermentation, formulation, up to delivery format, Lallemand provides an unprecedented range of premium products.

  • BOULARDII PURE: To leverage the singular benefits of a time-tested active ingredient, Lallemand provides high standard raw materials, including three-year shelf-life powders, available either as an ingredient for food supplements or pharmaceutical applications. Also offered in semi-finished and finished product, 100% pure S. boulardii capsules, ensure clean-label, excipient-free and stability in selected final packaging. Additionally, Lallemand proposes, for six-month-old babies and over, soluble and flavored orodispersible formula, in sachets or sticks.
  •  BOULARDII INSIDE: To harness the synergistic effect of S. boulardii combined with documented bacteria strains and/or relevant ingredients, Lallemand creates the most innovative and unique formulas to meet specific needs. The complementary modes of action of yeast and bacteria procure dual-action to take advantage of the best of both worlds.

Find out more on S. boulardii by Lallemand and visit to (re)discover the highly documented probiotic yeast for its gut health benefits and to watch a concise video about Lallemand expertise in the probiotic yeast manufacturing process.


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Founded in 1934, Lallemand Health Solutions is a vertically integrated probiotic manufacturer specializing in the research, development and manufacturing of ready-to-market and custom probiotic formulations. Its products target specific populations and health segments including babies’ health, gut health, natural defenses, women’s health, brain-gut axis, skin health, metabolism, oral health and sport. Probiotics are produced in cutting-edge plants certified to the highest quality standards. More than 600 probiotic formulas are currently marketed in over 60 countries across five continents. From lab to shelf, Lallemand Health Solutions has the full control and expertise to produce premium probiotic solutions, blends and custom formulations as each development step is expertly supported by internal quality insurance, regulatory affairs, research and development, scientific affairs, technical support, sales and marketing teams.

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Marilou Luneau, Content Manager, Lallemand Health Solutions

Published Jul 7, 2020 | Updated Jan 11, 2024

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