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Lallemand joins the Bureau of the Strategic Orientation Committee of the Future Ferments Grand Challenge

Lallemand joins the Bureau of the Strategic Orientation Committee of the Future Ferments Grand Challenge

Lallemand joins the Bureau of the Strategic Orientation Committee of the ‘Grand Défi Ferments du Futur’ and will be represented by four business unit divisions: Brewing, Health Solutions, Oenology and Specialty Cultures.

“For several years now, we have been witnessing a real revolution in the brewing sector, where brewers are competing in terms of originality, diversity and creativity. Supporting innovation in the fermentation industry has always been one of our main missions. By committing ourselves to this major project, we can contribute even more actively to the dynamism of this sector”, says Didier Theodore, Product Development Director, Lallemand Brewing.

“Our election as the corporate spokesperson for the office demonstrates Lallemand’s credibility as a pioneer in the development and mastery of fermentation in sectors as diverse as Brewing, Oenology, Specialty Cultures and Health solutions. We are empowered by this momentum and are proud to represent the entire industry”, adds Sylvie Binda, Vice President of Research and Development for Lallemand Health Solutions.

“Being a very committed player in this large-scale project reinforces our support for research and will provide the vine-wine industry with new knowledge, the selection of new ferments and the development of innovative practices. We believe it will help face the ecological and climatic challenges of today and tomorrow”, says Anne Ortiz-Julien, Lallemand Oenology’s R&D Director. “This project is totally in line with our philosophy of innovation inspired by the immense biodiversity and potential of micro-organisms”.

“We are strongly committed to the office of the Strategic Orientation Committee of the Grand Défi Ferments du Futur in the consortium to represent the companies and to work on lifting scientific barriers and accelerating applied industrial research for healthier and more sustainable food”, says Patrice Laforce, Director of Research and Development, Specialty Cultures.

Last December, Lallemand announced its involvement in the steering committee of Le Grand Défi Ferments du Futur, a highly strategic program that aims to accelerate research and innovation in the field of ferments and fermented foods to meet the challenges of agro-ecological transition and food sovereignty, and to strengthen the economic leadership of the French and European agri-food industries. Focused on food, Le Grand Défi Ferments du Futur will gradually open up to other applications, particularly in the agricultural field.

Find out more about Le Grand Défi Ferments du Futur, a research and innovation platform unique in Europe.

About Lallemand

A world leader in fermentation, Lallemand is a privately held Canadian company, founded in the late 19th century. The company has 11 business units that develop, produce and market products based on yeast, bacteria and their derivatives for the food, human and animal health markets and for agricultural applications, reaching hundreds of thousands of consumers every day. Lallemand operates 48 sites on four continents.



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Published May 15, 2023 | Updated Jan 11, 2024