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Meet ROSELLA: A convenient orally administered probiotic shown to support women’s intimate health

Meet ROSELLA: A convenient orally administered probiotic shown to support women’s intimate health

Lallemand Health Solutions will officially launch ROSELLA, its new highly documented licensed strain for Women’s intimate health at Vitafoods Europe Virtual Expo on September 7 2020.

L. plantarum P17630 (Proge P17630®), ROSELLA, licensed from PROGE FARM®, Italy, is a unique strain isolated from a healthy vaginal flora with full mechanistic and clinical evidence of efficacy on a wide spectrum of benefits, to help maintain proper vaginal balance by oral intake. This probiotic strain is one of the most documented in the world in the women’s health area, as it has been studied in over 800 women, in six clinical studies, including two by oral intake. This strain also demonstrated vaginal colonization and persistence following oral intake (validated efficacy dose: 5B CFU/day), restored flora diversity associated with a healthy vaginal flora and normalized pH level.

“Probiotics are relatively recent ingredients for women seeking to take care of their intimate health. They are an interesting, natural alternative to address specific vaginal health issues with specific probiotic strains, scientifically backed for their efficacy, without causing side effects. In most cases, efficacy was demonstrated on local (vaginal) application. The novelty is to offer women the convenience of oral administration with same efficacy, which is certainly a way to help increase compliance. This is what we will be presenting at Vitafoods Virtual Event with the integration of L. plantarum ROSELLA in our probiotic offer: a convenient orally administered probiotic shown to support women’s intimate health,” affirms Elodie Aragon, product manager, responsible of the Women’s health portfolio at Lallemand Health Solutions. “To recolonize the vaginal microflora, choosing the right bacteria strain is crucial, only a handful of probiotic supplement taken orally can do the trick. L. plantarum ROSELLA is one of them.” Elodie Aragon adds.

L. plantarum ROSELLA is another valuable EXPERT’Biotics in Lallemand Health Solution’s portfolio. Furthermore, it will be possible to combine this strain with other EXPERT’Biotics for added benefits, such as CEREBIOME®, LACIDOFIL®, L. helveticus LAFTI® L10, B. bifidum ROSELL®-71, as well as other relevant ingredients for women’s health (cranberry, vitamins, minerals, etc.).

The licensing commercialization agreement includes the following territories: Asia, Americas, France and Czech Republic.

Lallemand Health Solutions experts will launch this new offer at the Vitafoods Virtual Expo (September 7-11, 2020). Register now to get access to Elodie Aragon’s webinar and learn about the science behind this new licensed strain for Women’s health.


Marilou Luneau, Content Manager, Lallemand Health Solutions / 514-629-4124

Published Aug 31, 2020 | Updated Jan 11, 2024