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Our robust research and development expertise, state-of-the art GMP pharma production capabilities and regulatory and compliance experience serve players in the food supplements market, the nutrition and beverage, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. For innovative companies looking for production capacities, we can help create the next generation of probiotics and live biotherapeutics with our contract development and manufacturing activity (CDMO).  


With 90 years of know-how, over 600+ formulas distributed in 60+ countries, dietary food supplements development and production are our core expertise. We understand the value of providing premium dietary supplements that meet the evolving needs of health-conscious consumers. With over 40 proprietary probiotic strains, including scientifically substantiated Rosell®, Lafti®, Harmonium probiotic bacterial strains and probiotic yeast S. boulardii, we can create your next best-selling probiotic formula. Contact our experts that will guide you and funnel down the best probiotic strains and combinations with compatible ingredients such as vitamins, minerals, botanical extracts, to exceed your expectations, and lead to a successful product launch on your market.
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Positioned at the intersection of cosmetics and nutrition, nutricosmetics are orally administered nutritional supplements specifically formulated for the natural beauty of skin, nails, and hair. Beyond the potential benefits for physical appearance, nutricosmetics aim to promote holistic beauty by nurturing overall well-being from the inside out. We offer strains with available beauty claims. Explore dedicated probiotic solutions that unlock beauty from within.
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Consumer awareness and demand for healthier ingredients, especially for probiotics in foodstuffs is increasing as they are looking to improve their overall wellbeing, and functional non-dairy food and beverage with specific probiotics for their proven health benefits has been growing as a category around the world. We are leveraging functionality for gut microbiome, and many more health purposes, by offering probiotic solutions for food and beverage applications such as microencapsulated lactobacilli and bifidobacterium strains and spore forming bacteria. This brings added health solutions to the global food and beverage market, for gut, immune, mental, women’s, metabolic, skin, oral health, and the sport category.

Expert’Biome™ leverages 90 years of know-how, from research and development to pilot-scale production and commercial launch, and uses cutting-edge technologies and innovative scientific approaches to pioneer next-generation strains. Our production facilities adhere to the highest quality standards, including cGMP Pharma, internationally recognized accreditations and licenses.
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