An Ambitious Research and Development Program 

The Rosell® Institute for Microbiome and Probiotics is the research and development center of Lallemand Health Solutions. Through intensive investigation and collaborative studies, the Rosell® institute scientists’ mission is to apply leading-edge technologies and innovative scientific approaches to the improvement of human health by understanding the interaction between people and their functional microbiome. Over the past twenty years, Lallemand Health Solutions has documented 40 proprietary bacteria strains in over 160 clinical studies leading to the publication of over 360 scientific articles. The Rosell® Institute pre-clinical and clinical platforms are located at the National Research Council of Canada (CNRC) in Montreal, and the bioprocess and galenic forms platform is based in the Toulouse area in France. 

With 20+ clinical studies running in 2024 and the Rosell Institute Microbiome Program, our R&D team is paving the way for new probiotic publications”

An Integrated Research Platform 

Pre-Clinical Platform 

Our in vitro research program is conducted in-house in the Montreal laboratories and is dedicated to strain identification and characterization, developing, and validating new analytical methods as well as to understanding host-microbe interactions and study microbiota modulation. Our in vivo research program is conducted either in-house using C. elegans model or in collaboration with external scientific partners to increase the knowledge of probiotic strains with regards to safety and mode of action, to select strains for upcoming human studies, and to help explain clinical trial results. 

Clinical Platform

Collaborating with dedicated experts in clinical research, the Rosell® Institute participates in studies initiated by sponsors, clients, or investigators on Lallemand Health Solutions’ single or combined probiotic strains.

Bioprocess and Galenic Forms Platform

Our applied research center focuses on optimizing our production processes, applying a 4-level protection program, increasing strain stability, and developing innovative delivery forms.

Microbiome Program

Our Microbiome lab focuses on paving the way for next-generation probiotics and developing fermentation capabilities and dosage forms. Our dedicated team develops cultivation capabilities for microbiome-based strains that are identified as key next-generation species. We have achieved the certification of our French plant in Saint-Simon, for production of live biotherapeutics as a contract development and manufacturing company and have a worldwide presence in recognized organizations in the field of microbiome research.

Rosell Institute