Probiotics for skin health

Dedicated Probiotics. Beauty from Within

Preventive skin care routine and paying attention to any skin changes are accessible ways to promote overall health. An increasing number of consumers are concerned about their skin, hair and nails appearance, as they may be a reflection of their lifestyle, overall health and what is happening inside their bodies. The relation between the gut microbiome and skin health has been studied in an extensive number of clinical studies, demonstrating the link between the gut-brain and skin. Probiotics’ properties and modes of action have emerged as a solution of choice for skincare. This holistic approach to skin health was tested in a clinical trial over an 8-week Cerebiome® oral supplementation resulted in significant reduction of perceived stress levels in four weeks only, significant improvement of wrinkles and fine lines, skin tone, skin firmness and elasticity.

We have developed skin health formulas supported by beauty claims such as “Contribute to improve the skin firmness, and fine texture and appearance.” Our specific strain selection dedicated to skin health can be combined with ingredients to formulate enriched skin health solutions.

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My name is Elodie Aragon, and I specialize in bioengineering and in health and biotechnology management. I am a product manager at Lallemand Health Solutions and am responsible for the women’s health and nutricosmetics portfolio. My focus is on the development of probiotic formulations, and sourcing of innovative ingredients to promote holistic health. Read more
Over 80% of pre-teens and teens reported skin imperfections.  Acne vulgaris is amongst most common skin imperfection in adolescence, and is caused by the clogged sebaceous gland, which produces an oily substance called sebum. An overproduction of sebum normal during puberty can lead to clogged pores. Fluctuating hormone levels and physical changes, inevitable during adolescence, are the main culprit behind teenage acne, but many other internal and external environmental factors may contribute to the prevalence of acne, including genetics, hygiene, stress, and diet. Given that we cannot act on the genetic factors, we must try and use the opportunity to improve our skin health by managing stress and opting for the right diet. Read more 
Acting as a protective membrane containing the internal organs, the skin is the largest and a crucial organ of the human body. It plays many vital roles such as protection of muscles, bones, and internal organs from the external environment and opportunistic microorganisms. It also provides sensation, detects pain, distinguishes hot from cold and regulates the body temperature by sweating. Skin acts as a resistant barrier so essential nutrients are not washed out of the body. It stores lipid and water and helps with the synthesis of vitamin D. Just like the heart, brain and gut, this large organ commands significant attention. Beside from protecting it from the sun, washing, scrubbing, moisturizing it, how well are you taking care of your skin? The skin is such an important organ it is no wonder it needs to be taken care of, for reasons far beyond appearance.  Did you know that probiotics are now on the radar for their skin health applications? Read more