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Lallemand Health Solutions Acquires Dietary Pros Inc., US-Based Contract Manufacturer

Lallemand Health Solutions Acquires Dietary Pros Inc., US-Based Contract Manufacturer

Lallemand Health Solutions is very pleased to announce the acquisition of Dietary Pros Inc. from its founder and CEO Dennis Drager.

“We are proud be the new owners of Dietary Pros, a company that has a well-established position as a full-service contract manufacturer, specialized in the formulation and supply of probiotic solutions to its customers in the supplement and nutraceutical sectors. Over the past 12 years, Dietary Pros has built a successful reputation in providing custom formulations of probiotics, a wide range of supplements, and unique customer service to its partners,” announces Jérôme Panes, President and General Manager at Lallemand Health Solutions.

Lallemand Health Solutions is renowned as a vertically integrated global leader in the probiotic industry, boasting significant growth through its manufacturing, scientific, and regulatory assets. This acquisition brings together two complementary forces that will as priorities, continue to respond to customer needs and simultaneously help their growth with their respective strengths.

“To have a US-based manufacturing facility adds flexibility to our day-to-day operations and expands our production capacity. The benefits are numerous, ranging from extending our supplement offerings beyond probiotics to growing our customer portfolio. We will now offer a full range of products within the same facility, featuring multiple combinations of ingredients with flexible operations,” explains Isabelle Champié, Vice-President of Sales and Marketing at Lallemand Health Solutions.

“Dietary Pros will continue to operate as a ‘stand-alone’ independent contract manufacturer, servicing its current and prospective customers as well as manufacturing for Lallemand Health Solutions. “All our employees remain in the company,” ensures Dennis Draeger, founder and CEO of Dietary Pros – who will continue with his current functions.

Both companies remain at the disposal of their business partners and employees for any question about this acquisition and pledge their full support in further developing your business.

As a first public apparition Dietary Pros by Lallemand will be at the upcoming SupplySide West tradeshow in Las Vegas, USA, from October 23-27, 2023, alongside the International Probiotic Association Resource Center booth #5652/J.

 About Lallemand and Lallemand Health Solutions

Lallemand Inc., founded in Canada at the end of the 19th century, is a privately held global company specializing in the development, production, and marketing of microorganisms. With 11 business units operating across 48 sites on 5 continents, Lallemand serves the food, human and animal health markets, and agricultural applications, reaching hundreds of thousands of consumers daily.

Lallemand Health Solutions, one of Lallemand’s business units, is a pioneering company recognized as a vertically integrated global leader in manufacturing probiotic yeast and bacteria-based formulas. These

formulas are designed for human health supplements, food applications, and nutricosmetics. Lallemand Health Solutions’ probiotics are documented to deliver benefits in gut health, immune support, mental well-being, women’s health, skin care, oral health, and metabolic health. With manufacturing processes adhering to the highest quality standards, including Good Manufacturing Practices, and an ambitious research program, Lallemand Health Solutions provides partners with probiotic strains that enhance life in countless ways. Currently, over 600 probiotic formulas are marketed in over 60 countries across five continents.

About Dietary Pros

Dietary Pros is a NSF 21CFR111 certified full-service contract manufacturer based in the United States. The company specializes in producing capsules, tablets, and ready-to-drink powder mixes in bulk, bottles, jars, and pouches for the nutraceutical industry. Dietary Pros excels in probiotics and features a skilled team of research and development specialists, formulation experts, and customer service professionals working together to formulate and deliver finished products with quick turnaround times. The company also offers house formulas inspired by their D2C Probium® and Flexatine® supplement lines for private label use, available in bulk or packaged form. Dietary Pros boasts expertise in formulating non-probiotic supplements, particularly ready-to-drink powder mixes and shakes for the sports nutrition market. Additionally, several capsule and tablet formulations feature a patented natural time-release technology for premium ingredient formulation and delivery.

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